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Akademi Perunding Imej Professional (APIP) takes great pleasure in welcoming individuals in the domain of interest from all around Malaysia to the first convention of its kind, StyleVention 2017, which will take place in Kuala Lumpur on the 4th November 2017. Bearing the theme of ‘Make Your Mark’, this year convention aims to inspire the participants to make their mark in this industry segment and make a success in what they are doing right now.

The StyleVention 2017 is believed to create a platform for image consultants, fashion stylists and individuals with the passion for style, to connect with the fashion industry hence further enhance knowledge and skills in fashion. This is a must attend event which will enable participants to boost their confidence in style, exploring new career pathway in this industry and expanding the boundaries of their potential market.

3 Experienced Speakers  |  4 Industry Experts  |  First Time Ever

3 Experienced Speakers  |  4 Industry Experts  |  First Time Ever






  • Certified Professional Image Consultant
  • Certified Men’s Image Consultant
  • Image Consultant
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Business Owner
  • Individuals with passion for style and fashion


Meet The Speakers of Stylevention 2017



    Palace’s Ceremonial Officer of
    Istana Negara

    Sophian Ab Rahman is a Diplomatic and Administrative Officer and has served in the Malaysia National Palace since 2012 as Ceremonial Officer. Sophian has extensive experience in protocol and social etiquette, formal event management and active in hosting formal and informal events. Due to his numerous experience in these areas, he often invited by various public and private agencies to share his experience and to coach on protocol, social and fine dining etiquette, and emceeing techniques.

  • Puan Mary

    Puan Mary

    Principal Trainer of
    Akademi Perunding Imej Profesional

    Puan Mary, is the co-founder, principal trainer of Training Cube International and master trainer of Akademi Perunding Imej Profesional. Her strong background and international credentials in professional image development has been empowering individuals and organisations through 10 years of experience in the industry. To date, Puan Mary has coached 135 Image Consultants. She also has more than 70,000 devoted followers and frequently invited to be featured in Astro, RTM, TV3, TV9, TV Alhijrah, Harian Metro and National FM.

  • Mariche Marque

    Ms. Mariche Marquez

    Voice and Vocal Coach of
    Voice Power Studio

    Ms Mariche Marquez – Pattaui is a professional performer and vocal coach at Voice Power Studio which located at Petaling Jaya. She arms with more than 20 years of experience as a professional singer, recording artist and actress. Due to her reputable and international qualifications background, she was invited as a vocal trainer for STAR CIRCLE 7 & 8 BATCH of ABS-CBN CHANNEL 2 Philippines. Mariche specialises in teaching effective and unique breathing techniques for vocal methods at all level beginner to professional.

Meet The Industry Experts of Stylevention 2017

  • Mr Ben Lim

    Mr. Ben Lim

    Bespoke Tailor of Mascana

    Mr Ben Lim is one of the Mascana bespoke tailors, and he has 20 years of experience in tailoring. He has carved a reputation as a bespoke tailor which specialising in making the best quality suits that ensure style, comfort and practical for everyday use. With experienced tailoring thousands of suits, for a wide range of clients, Ben Lim exclusively capable of providing expert advice on the best option how to build client’s professional look and practical wardrobe for their everyday wear.

  • Mr. Izham Fitri Ismail

    Mr. Izham

    CEO of Mem Watches

    Izham Fitri Ismail is a Chief Executive Officer for THO MEM Watches Group Sdn. Bhd which specialises in producing counter clockwise watches and wallticker. Since 2014, MEM Watches has been releasing remarkable and unique watches collections and high quality in design. To date, MEM Watches can be found in 25 showrooms worldwide including Singapore and Brunei and distributed by more than 100 exclusive distributors all over Malaysia.

  • Mr. Azri Walter

    Mr. Azri

    Founder of Walter Empire

    Azri Alwan, better known as Azri Walter, is a founder and Chief Executive Officer of Walter Empire Sdn. Bhd. Walter Barbershop, a brand that established since 2015, well-known as gentlemen’s barbershop which offers a broad range of Walter’s exclusive products for men’s grooming. Azri also owns a Walter Academy, an academy which provides men’s hair cutting certifications to the youth age 16 to 24 years old. To date, his academy has trained more than 150 students.

  • Ms. Jasmin

    Ms. Jasmin

    Founder of Melur jasmin

    Ms Jasmin Johan is the founder of online boutique, Melurjasmin Blouse. Melurjasmin_Blouse is an online fashion store which offers a wide variety of the latest fashion at affordable prices. Her online shop is focusing on selling ready-to-wear blouses and modest clothing from an array of well-known brands on the market. Due to the tremendous demand for the Muslimah clothing, now they started to produce their own clothing label. To date, her Facebook online boutique has more than 77,000 devoted followers.

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